I’m your friendly neighbor, Malia, and this my poetry yo. Grab your tissues and a rag to bite on, cause this stuff is deeper than your best friend’s swimming pool.

– M

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I’ve never been content with

who I am on the outside.

I look at girls on social media

And wish that was me.

I wish I had

The perfect shape.

The perfect body.

No double chin.

Slim waist.

Decent curves.

The perfect body.


But I’ve always been okay with

who I am on the inside.

I’ve loved how dorky I am.

How silly I am.

How sarcastic I am.

To me, that’s


Ive never been content with

who I am on the outside,

But on the inside,

I am



I have created this illusion in my mind.

That I am weird.

That my body is hideous.

That I alone, am ugly.

I believe that anyone is stupid

to be with me.

To see something in me.

To love me.

For what is there to love?

My teeth are crooked.

My breasts aren’t perky.

I have stretch marks.

I sweat a lot.

My feet look like hands of an animal.

and I have more chins than Chinatown.

And yet, I’m about to hit three months with him.

Someone who saw past all my stretched thighs,

crooked grill, sad breasts, and the hate I held for myself.

For so long, I had been unhappy with myself.

I allowed myself to be this way.

I listened to sad music and soon became

part of the song.

The lyrics were now about me.

I was the girl with a constant headache,

wanting a heart tattoo, and alas always

dizzy on the come down.

For I felt that losing you truly was

like cutting my fingers off.

I lost him for a week.

And it tore me to bits of grain.

And I’ll never let him walk away again.

I said I loved him a little too early.

And I believe that drove him away.

I believe I scared the both of us.

And though I second guessed if we should be together,

given the arguments and daily heartbreak moments…

Well there really no one I’d rather be with.

Do I love him?

Well that’s something only I  truly know

and will keep to myself for awhile.

But I can tell you

that I am incredibly happy.

that I am starting to love myself

and see beauty in all my differences.

I love my smile.

I love my ugly feet.

I love most of my body.

and I love being with him.

He is perfect.








The crunch is amZing 

It’s like a staircase of peanut butter

Spiraling down like a gazelle.

Bursting into your soul 

With the ocean and jelly.

The rain haunts my days no more.

The artist threw back his anchor of a goat

And suhwore he would never

Attack his baby brother bird man.

The angle is deeping

And so is your mum.

Get back , back I say

For I no longer belong to you

I’m no longer your slave


Why can’t I ever be satisfied at the end of the night?

Here I am, laying next to the one I love most.

And yet I still feel empty.

I still feel like I did with the others.

I know he’s mine but at the same time,

It doesn’t feel like I’m his.

Why do I feel like this?

He kisses me all night, talks about our future…and yet it still hasn’t clicked that this boy is actually into me.

It’s just hard I guess.

How do you let someone love you if you don’t love yourself?

Why do I always cry once they’ve fallen asleep?

Why do I wake up in tears and pain?

I love this boy…

Why am I still crying?

Why can’t I realize that he is mine?

Why am I like this?

Why do they like me…